Reuse – Refill – Recycle – Repeat

Local Business, Local People

Having been aware of the Zero Waste movement sweeping across the UK and having visited shops in other parts of the country I felt that the people of Alton and the surrounding areas would also want to do what they can to reduce the environmental impact their daily lives have on the planet.

Being outdoors, in our beautiful countryside and on our stunning beaches it is heartbreaking to see what humankind can willfully neglect and by making small changes, we can all be part of a permanent change for good.

I’m Louise, founder and owner of FillUp. My goals for Fillup are these:

Find out about FillUp and Louise the owner who is stood her shop in Alton, Hampshire

If you don’t have a container or simply forgot to bring one, don’t worry we have supplies in the shop or paper bags to transport your produce home in.

Reuse  – Refill – Recycle – Repeat

I really look forward to meeting you in the shop soon. 💚

But how does Zero Waste Shopping work?