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We Pack It, You Collect It

How It Works:

  1. Prepare your shopping list. View our full stock list here.
  2. Fill in the form below with your shopping list – this must include the names of the products required, the amount/quantity (in grams, kg, ml or scoops), your name, your address and the phone number to contact you on.
  3. We will get in touch with you to confirm your order and take payment. (This will include a breakdown of prices, the total cost and any unavailable products.)
  4. Once paid, you can come to collect from us anytime during working hours. 


There are  two options for the containers your products are supplied in:

1. Jar Drop – Supply your own containers
  • Supply your own contains for us to fill up. Simply drop them into the shop before placing your order. 
2. Eco Containers – We supply your containers
  • Dry foods will be put into paper bags, and liquids will be in sterilised and sanitised glass jars.
  • Liquids will be provided in glass jars for which a £1 deposit per jar is required. Deposits will be returned on return of the jars.

Measurements requested will be within 5 Grams below or above.

(Please note, this is subject to minor changes. You will be contacted if a product you have ordered is currently unavailable)

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